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Summary: Control your presentations with your voice!

Updated: Dec 4, 2012
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What is Power Point Voice Remote for Android:
Developer: Kostadin Tonev
Support Email: leetstyle@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.makaveli.eu
Control your presentations with your voice!
This application turn your Android device into Wifi voice remote control for your presentations!


Download ANY APP SERVER (from www.makaveli.eu/any-app-remote) on a computer you want to control presentations remotely and run it. Be sure that the server is allowed to use network communication! Get the server IP address and the port number which you can find on the server screen. Then go to HOME screen on this application, push MENU button of your device and select SETTINGS. Now fill server IP address and port number in the corresponding fields. Save settings, go back and push again MENU button, then select CONNECT. If everything is done right you will see a message on the server screen *** Android device is connected! *** Now you are ready to use your android device.


After you are successfully connected to the remote server you can start using POWER POINT VOICE REMOTE. By default voice mode is loaded. Simply tap on the microphone and start speaking. Say *** START APPLICATION or START *** and selected presentation will be started. To go next slide say *** NEXT SLIDE or NEXT ***. To go previous slide say *** PREVIOUS SLIDE or PREVIOUS or GO BACK ***. To stop current presentation slideshow say *** STOP PRESENTATION or STOP ***. To quit POWER POINT application say *** QUIT APPLICATION or QUIT ***. POWER POINT VOICE REMOTE support and touch mode too. To switch to it push MENU button and then select *** SWITCH TO TOUCH MODE ***. Now you cen use your fingers to control presentations by pushing the START, NEXT, PREVIOUS, STOP and QUIT buttons.


Go to www.makaveli.eu/any-app-remote and download ANY APP SERVER. Run it. (:

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