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Summary: Funny two phone prank app. Can be used in endless ways to trick your friends.

Updated: Dec 27, 2011
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Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: Lnsky
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Use this two phone prank app to trick your friends with a magic compass! 
** Prank Compass- The perfect phone prank!
Using two phones that are connected over the same Wifi network you can trick your friends with this magic compass! Only your imagination sets the limitation for how to use this prank app. One phone displays the compass/arrow and the other phone is used to secretively control the other phone.
You can edit the text under the compass/arrow so that you can pretend that the application finds what suits your prank best. For example:
1) Greatest looking guy/girl
2) Biggest loser
3) True Love
4) Biggest liar

Select a theme that suits your prank the best. You can select between:
1) Old compass
2) Modern Compass
3) Basic Arrow
4) Heart Arrow
NO configuration is required! All you need to make sure is that the phones are connected to the same Wifi network. When the phones are connected you start the application and on the phone that you want to use as controller you simply open and close the "About” dialog three times. This will put the phone into controller mode after which it will try to find a phone to connect to.
NOTE! The first time two phones connect over a new Wifi connection it will take same time before the phones finds each other. So if the phones doesn’t connect directly wait at least 60 sec before you restart the app. When the phones have found each other the connection should go up quickly the next time.
No Wifi to connect to? Use this guide to connect two android phones using the hot spot functionality .
If you only have one phone that you can use, there is a secret offline mode. This will allow you to control the compass on the same phone that displays the compass. You move the compass by touching the lowest part of the screen.
The offline mode is activated by starting and closing the settings menu three times.
This application uses JmDNS. Apache License 2.0.
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