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Summary: 1. Intruder Selfie improved. 2. Vault optimized to increase safety.

Updated: Feb 7, 2018
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Developer: Alibaba
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Face Lock, the most fast, accurate and easy to use biometrics lock, is here to guard your privacy.
- Truly hands-free Face Unlock works offline, internet connect is not needed
- End to worry about your PIN/pattern being peeped
- Unlock apps in no time with your unique face.
- Time to show off Cool real-time face recognition.
Privacy Applock-Privacy Knight is your #1 PRIVACY GUARD, which is AD-FREE and MEMORY-SAVING!

Worry your chatting being snooped, lock Messager, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and etc.
Worry your kids messing up your payments, lock Amazon, eBay, Google Play and etc.
Unlocking can be fun! Try our brand new SHAKE COVER.
Worry your notifications being snooped? NOTIFICATION LOCK is here.
Worry your Privacy Knight being snooped? FAKE ICON show you the magic.
Waste tons of time on unlocking? FINGERPRINT UNLOCK is supported now, for smartphones with fingerprint sensor above Android 6.0.
Worry your sexy photos/videos being exposed to your parents, hide them to PRIVACY VAULT.
Worry your browsing history being stalked, just one tap in PRIVACY CLEAN.
Privacy Knight is the #1 Privacy Security App, providing APP LOCK, VAULT, CLEAN, THEMES, INTRUDER SELFIE, FAKE COVER, FAKE ICON for your all-round privacy protection.

AppLock Pattern/Pincode Unlock, Options with Lock Every time & Lock When Screen Off, BATTERY-SAVING & FASTEST &SMALLEST & FREE & AD-FREE & FULLY SUPPORT ANDROID MARSHMALLOW
Fingerprint Unlock Support Smartphones with Fingerprint Sensor Above Android 6.0
Intruder Selfie Catch Intruders Who Try to Unlock Your Apps 24/7
Fake Cover Innovative Shake Cover, Crash Cover and More to Expect
Notification Lock Keep Notifications From Snoopers
Free Themes Plenty of FREE Themes to Choose From
Fake Icon Disguise Privacy Knight to Dialer, Dial Correct Number to Unlock
Invisible Unlock Path Hide your Path While Drawing Unlock Pattern
Privacy Vault Hide your Sexy Photos & Videos
Privacy Clean Clean your Adult, Social, Financial and Shopping Browsing History
Prevent Uninstallation Prevent Privacy Knight to be Uninstalled by Snoopers
Material Design Follow Android Material Design Standard
Permission Follow Android Permission Standard

Forget Passcode click on the forget passcode button on the right corner of the applock screen and reset your passcode by Gmail validation or security question(if set)
Clear Privacy Knight Data enter correct passcode(if set) before clear your Privacy Knight data, protecting your privacy security from others through clearing data
Prevent Uninstallation by switching on prevent uninstallation in your settings, protecting your privacy security from others through uninstalling
What if I cannot find my hidden photos/videos --If you have uninstalled our app, the hidden pictures/ videos are still stored in your phone, but you have to reinstall app and find them in the Hide Photo/ Videos function. If you don't uninstall our app, you can go to Vault of Privacy Knight app and see all you hidden photos and videos.Then you can unhide them, and find them back in your cell.

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