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Summary: Qibla Direction Finder Compass 2018 is an app with Islamic Compass with holy Mecca Background. You can use this app at any place in the world to find qibla direction accurately. As Ramadan 2018 is going to start from 6-7 June,Qibla app will help you to find qibla direction.

Updated: Feb 23, 2018
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Requirements: Android 4.1 OS
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Qibla Direction Finder Compass 2018 Free App Description:
Developer: Dlux
Support Email: dluxseo@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.dluxinstitute.com/
Namaz is the identity of Muslim and there are different Hadees and Ayat on pray. For every Muslim Saleh Is the Major duty assigned by Islam from Allah. Muslim prayers may use this compass app with their android phones and tablets and also this app compare the distance based on longitude value between from the right and from the left Kabaa position, so the calculation take the nearest direction of your location.
Qibla App is simple that can be used to find Kabaa direction for muslim prayer. This app need Compass and Qibla GPS sensor on your android device to calculate the angle of your location to Kabaa position, where the position of Kabaa we get at 21.422523 latitude and 39.826184 longitude from Google Maps. 
qibla direction or mecca finder is simple and helpful app for muslims anywhere in the world to find accurate (Kaaba) qibla direction. qibla direction finder is a most accurate qibla direction compass and qibla locator.
For the exact measurement, device you should be kept on a flat surface. qibla finder shows the kaaba direction with easy to understand Qibla Direction Finder Compass . Its also known as Islamic Compass.
This application Simply shows mecca direction. This app finds qibla direction anywhere in the world. Direction and distance pointed by arrow to qibla in Mecca. Its take the difference between true north in consideration and magnetic field indicator.
Muslims may use this qibla pointer app with their android tablets and phones. We are working to support all world location. Using gps, its possible to calculate the exact mecca compass direction angle especially for muslim countries.
where is mecca/kaaba in home, on panic or other country. So Keep praying with correct and right direction using our mecca finder app.
How to use qibla direction locator
Now get the exact location, hold your tablet or mobile device with its screen top down, the application will moves to the right direction of mecca. accuracy in all countries. 
There is sensor functionality in this kaaba direction app which detects the moves of your android mobile or tablet and shows you the exact qibla direction in a few seconds.

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