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Summary: Download free music, movies, apps, games, read latest news feeds, convert videos, get latest scores and a lot more using this add-on! And yes it's ultra lite and completely ad-free!

Updated: Sep 6, 2015
Found in: internet, browser, games, music, calendar, weather, themes, social

Requirements: Any Android device
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What is Quick App for Android:
Developer: Himankan Kashyap
Support Email: himankan@yahoo.in
Web Site: https://sites.google.com/site/indianmedicosonline/
Quick App
This is an updated version of the non-medical version of QuickApp for people who like to actively surf the net, download music, movies, games, apps, modded apps etc. and checkout latest news and sports news and scores... It's a tiny app 616kb for all android devices. 
Developer: Himankan Kashyap | Follow: @Himankan1

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