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Summary: Stream live radio,video,play audio/video files on device,Random No. create,flip/cards games.

Updated: Oct 23, 2018
Category: online radio, lotto, random numbers, music player

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Developer: Walter Coppola
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Radio & Random Number Gen. App will stream live radio,music also play audio files from install device (automatically scanned and included in the Music-Music categories.).Play will stop and restart for incoming/outgoing calls and lower for notifications.Categories can be added,existing stations can be altered and new stations can be added. Contains 200+ online radio stations from around the world. Play continues in the background, while using other device features etc. Standard audio features(play,pause,stop,next,play cont.,shuffle play etc).Play a station by clicking a station on the displayed station list.Play will commence once connected to site (connection dependant on http site,m3u8 files varies 3 seconds ~ 30 seconds).Playlists are created from displayed files list once a station/file is selected to be played. Notifications are displayed of current player states.Favorites adds the currently played station/file to the favorites Category. Urls (not https,m3u,pls) can be added via the input box,click the add button station saved in the currently selected categories.Click the edit url and Add buttons to alter currently playing url string 
and to add new categories.To add station to categories,select the categories,enter url string and click the plus(add) button.To exit the app press the device back button.(Currently it will not: stream from https sites,mu3,pls files.)
Random Number Generator : Generate numbers, randomly or not, between the user set limits.Select random generator items from list.(Create user items from User Create Screen).Use scroll number pickers to select (or directly enter numbers by pressing on a picker) the requiremnts for the game(s). Click the GO(green play) button, numbers will be generated below.Click the powerball menu button to add extra ball to games(checkbox for random powerball no.)Click the Go(play button) to run the game.Click the ok button to reveal the random numbers generated.Number options Lowest Number:set to generate numbers above this value range.Highest Number: Set for the highest number generated in the range, this is the upper range level.No. per game: set the numbers to be generate per game.No of games:set to generate x number of games to be played.Click the settings button to specilize random settings.Use Save button to save settings for later use. Use Open button to retrieve saved game. Use download button to save results to csv file and email. Use trash button to delete open file or current displayed data.
Flip/Card/Lotto sequence screen.Simply select game play from the list and then click the go button.Pictures will be displayed for a random amount of time,sequence the final picture/result will be displayed once time has ended.The object if to guess the final picture i.e. Select Coin, press go, a flipping coin will be displayed,final picture will be heads or tails.Cards try and guess/get 4 in a row etc...
Random items create screen. Allows for the editing of existing files and creation of new items.To edit existing items, select the file and alter the displayed values.Always place a comma between values, click the save button.To add a new item click the new button, enter in the data and click the save button and enter a new name for the file.he email button will download and export the displayed data.Delete will remove the displayed file from the program.
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