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Summary: The most popular radio stations from Cyprus play live at your device!

Updated: May 17, 2018
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What is Radio Stations From Cyprus for Android:
Developer: Anteos
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Are you a person passionate with radio? You will truly enjoy this app which aggregates an impressive list the most popular stations from all around Cyprus!
We have included the most popular stations in the country and load them through the application  by using the internet access of the device. You do not need conventional radio to load the stations and as a result you can even tune in to Cypriot stations from Greece or even abroad!
The stations included are many, so you will have many different options. Greek, Cypriot or foreign music, rock or pop, news radio stations, talk shows, sports, etc - no matter your mood you will always find what you want to hear!
How it works:
It is really easy to use. When you load the application, you will come across the main menu which lists all the stations currently included in the app. You can select any of them, tap on Play and music (or other radio content) will load fast and start playing. Everything happens through the device's internet access!
* Wide list of radio stations from Cyprus
* Loads fast and offers amazingly clear audio quality, without static.
* News, music, talk shows, sports, etc
* Powerful design and great style
* Compact size despite the huge amount of content
* Free forever!
Kindly let us know if you have comments or criticism. We want to hear of your feedback! Just send us an e-mail.

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