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Summary: React is a funny game to imitate emoji faces combining it with favorite music.

Updated: Feb 18, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS 5.0 and higher
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Developer: LastThink
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React is a super funny emoji challenge game developed for Android devices for those who like having a funny time. It combines several enjoyable activities, which you can do at the same time. It gives you the opportunity to make your face dance, listen to lovely music and record a crazy video. In order to play this game you just need to use your smartphone with a front camera and your face expression. Different emoji appear on your mobile screen and you have to imitate them with your facial expression to make the same face.  For example, if you see emoji with a happy smile and widely open round eyes, you have to imitate the exact face to score points. If you make the very same face that matches the emoticon face shown on your phone you get points and pass to the next level. The game becomes more and more challenging with each level: there are more emoticons and they move faster. 
While playing this cool emoji challenge game you can listen to your favorite music which will make the process of playing still more joyful. The app gives you the opportunity to select the music you like. You can listen to the songs which are offered in the app playlist. If you dont like the songs of the app, it's not a problem.  You can choose and import any song from your own mobile playlist. So, it's quite possible to enjoy the game and your preferred music at the same time. 
Besides, you can record a video of yourself while playing this emoji challenge game and making funny emoticon faces to have a quite cool and funny video with your face dance. You can share this crazy video with your friends on your social website pages. 
With this app you can
	Imitate various emoticons and make funny emoji faces
	Record a cool video with your funny facial expressions later to see how well you can imitate emoji
	Play the face dance game and listen to any kind of music you like 
	Add your favorite songs to the playlist of the app to enjoy the game still more 
	Share this super funny  face dance game as well as your recorded crazy video on Facebook and other social websites
This super funny React game is now available on Play Store and went viral in many countries. So, don't miss this hilarious game, download it right now and have fun.

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