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Summary: Machine thinking like a human and performing various complex acts - still sounds a little impossible?

Updated: Nov 19, 2012
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Machine thinking like a human and performing various complex acts - still sounds a little impossible? Make it absolutely possible on your screen! Select your emotionless robot from a wide range of the Robot Wallpapers that are available for you and under your control only! Get super wallpapers with the super robots!
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Have you ever wondered what the robot is and how it works? It is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks repeatedly, with speed and precision. There are as many different types as there are tasks for them to perform.
It can be controlled by a human operator, sometimes from a great distance. But most of them are controlled by computer, and fall into either of two categories: autonomous and insect robots. An autonomous one acts as a stand-alone system, complete with its own computer (called the controller)while insect ones work in fleets ranging in number from a few to thousands, with all fleet members under the supervision of a single controller. The term insect arises from the similarity of the system to a colony of insects, where the individuals are simple but the fleet as a whole can be sophisticated.
They are sometimes grouped according to the time frame in which they were first widely used. First-generation dates from the 1970s and consist of stationary, nonprogrammable, electromechanical devices without sensors. Second-generation was developed in the 1980s and can contain sensors and programmable controllers. Third-generation was developed between approximately 1990 and the present. These machines can be stationary or mobile, autonomous or insect type, with sophisticated programming, speech recognition and/or synthesis, and other advanced features. Fourth-generation is in the research-and-development phase, and include features such as artificial intelligence, self-replication and self assembly It includes nanoscale size (physical dimensions on the order of nanometers, or units of 10-9 meter).
Some advanced machines of this kind are called androids because of their superficial resemblance to human beings. Androids are mobile, usually moving around on wheels or a track drive (their legs are unstable and difficult to engineer). The android is not necessarily the end point of their evolution. Some of the most esoteric and powerful machines do not look or behave anything like humans. The ultimate in their intelligence and sophistication might take on forms yet to be imagined.
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