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Summary: Save Tweets Videos and GIF app, which helps to download media image from your favorite tweets

Updated: Jan 4, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS
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Save Tweet Videos is the best video downloader app to save videos, GIFs and photos from your favorite tweets on your mobile phone or tablet. Save the best moments on Twitter and watch them every time you need, even offline. Save Tweet Videos will save videos, GIFs and photos in different resolutions, high quality HD included to enjoy your multimedia experience. Share your downloaded videos, GIFs and photos with your friends or your favorite social network. You can download any video, GIF or picture without any limitation... and it's free!
Product feature bullets 	 No login is required
 Download videos, GIFs and photos from single tweets without any limitation
 Manage your downloaded videos, GIFs and images from tab called FILES
 Easy to use, nice and simple interface, free 100%
 Save videos, GIFs and pictures from Twitter to your personal gallery
 This application is not affiliated with Twitter, but it is a tool to help download videos and GIF from Twitter .

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