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Summary: Lumos SchoolUp™ - It's all about your School! Events, Standards, Reports, Blogs

Updated: Nov 25, 2017
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SchoolUp - Homework Alerts Free App Description:
Are you looking for skills mastery and test prep resources for your students?
Lumos SchoolUp is a free app that helps teachers and parents find standards-aligned questions, assessments, worksheets, videos, lesson plans, mobile apps and more. You can select resources of your choice and design a kit specifically for your classroom! You can assign it to an entire class, a group or just one student and also measure their progress!
As a teacher, you can use Lumos SchoolUp to
Discover thousands of questions, apps, videos, worksheets, books and more
Build and share your resource kits
Access insightful reports 
Communicate with your students and parents about homework assignments, supply lists, etc
Get event notifications related to student progress
Look up standards information
Share lesson summaries and classroom notes
Find educational jobs opportunities in your city
As a parent, you can use Lumos SchoolUp to
Through EdSearch, find educational apps, videos, worksheets, books, and questions for your child
Get notified of homework announcements, supply lists, etc
Set reminders for parent-teacher meetings, conferences, extracurricular activities and more.
Monitor your child's academic progress.
Request homework help (requires subscription)
Get information about your school
Lumos SchoolUp Highlights:
Convenient access to the Lumos Teacher Portal or Parent Portal via your mobile device
A personalized, comprehensive easy-to-use dashboard 
EdSearch: A standards-aligned vertical search engine for educators and parents
Student score reports and progress summaries
Ability to import educational conferences and professional development event details onto your mobile calendar
Access to educational Blogs 
Ability to extract useful information from you images including text, landmark identification, and object recognition.
Access to school, district, and state performance results.
Ability to rate and review your school
Maps and directions for any school in the US.

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