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Summary: Surfing the web smooth, fast, secure Latest news updates continuously 24 / 24h

Updated: Jul 10, 2018
Category: browser, news online, weather, sports, game

Requirements: Android OS
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search web Free App Description:
is a fast search application that lets you surf the web safely
main function
- google, yahoo, bing, wiki ...
- multitabs feature; Allows you to open an unlimited number of web pages simultaneously.
- read the latest news, diversified news, aggregate, update and report hot news quickly.
-Multiform news for AM users. -integrates the news right on the homepage of the browser. Satisfy your reading needs daily.
- Easily share content on social networks: twitter, facebook, gmail ...
Weather Forecast: Learn more about today's weather from the home page. Weather is based on your location or by specific area.
- easy access to favorites: take the time to read your favorite sites instead of searching them. add any web page directly to the home screen
Other features: access history, downloads, proxy, cleanup, cookies ...
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