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Summary: Send encrypted text messages over the net. Easy and secure. Built up like the standard sms app.

Updated: Aug 27, 2013
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Requirements: Android 1.6 and above
Downloads: 70
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SeCom is a android telephone app where you can easily and securely send encrypted text messages over the internet.
The messages are also stored encrypted on your phone. Perfect if you just want to maintain your privacy or if you are paranoid.
The app features an inbox, new message screen, and contact list feature. Just like the reqular sms app on your phone.
The connection to the message server is encrypted with a 448 bit secure connection while the messages also are 2048 bit encrypted.
The message is deleted without a trace from the server when you check for new messages (SeCom can check for a new message in the background)
The settings screen is on the menu key. You can choose to run SeCom in the background, password on resume, and the message check interval. There is also an option to shut down SeCom completely.


Tags: encrypt, encrypted, text, message, msg, secure, secured, crypto, crypted


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