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Summary: NEW APP: Earn money through Livestream by becoming a personal shopper now. Buy and sell products and services from cities worldwide, full messenger features, and more!

Updated: Sep 12, 2018
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Shoclef Free App Description:
Developer: Shoclef
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Shoclef offers a new type of virtual marketplace, forming a global social network for consumerism. 
The app enables its users to  earn money, buy or sell products and services from more than 150,000 cities world-wide, and showcase talents  in real-time through live-streaming. The app connects buyers, personal shoppers, businesses, service providers, and entertainers across the world.
Top Product Features:
* Buyers are able to shop millions of products and services from sellers around the world
* Switch between the different profiles anytime  becoming a buyer, personal shopper, player, business, or service 
* Go Live to connect with sellers and players now. Earn money for every minute a buyer jumps into your live-stream, or earn tips and set your own rate per minute!
* Chat live with your seller/buyer while live-streaming!
* Browse photo and video posts from people you follow or everyone worldwide in your News Feed. Interact with interesting buyers and sellers with chat messaging, likes, Go Live, and more!
* Scan product barcodes or images to compare prices and check availability in City Deals. Shop directly from businesses and cities worldwide 
* Book local physical services for a fixed or hourly rate, or online services for a rate per minute
* Jump into a live-stream to any city in the world to start your shopping experience in Live Shopping
* Browse and view current or past live-streams in Live Channels
* Free messaging included: Users can exchange text, phone or video calls, image, video and audio messages individually or in a group
Choose to sign up as one or all of the following at any time they wish: 
Anyone who signs up is a buyer. You can jump into a live-stream to start shopping, browse and compare products and services offered in City Deals, and many more features! 
Personal Shopper 
Be a personal shopper and make purchases for buyers across the world while earning money for every minute a buyer connects with you. You can connect with several buyers at one time on a single shopping spree!
Easily create one or many businesses within the app to promote your business and sell products. Businesses can Go Live and get paid for every minute you connect with a buyer, with the ability to connect with multiple buyers simultaneously. 
Service Provider
Create physical or online services and set your own rates. Easily activate or deactivate your services depending on your schedule. You can connect one-on-one with your customer. 
For entertainers and anyone who wants to establish a following, display your talents live to other users with the choice to offer it for free or to charge! 
Download Shoclef & experience a virtual global marketplace!
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