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Summary: Intelligent typing! PaniniKeypad allows users to type in Sinhala directly on phone with single keypress (No multitap). Large characters, easy to point by fingertips. Download and Give it a try!

Updated: Sep 25, 2013
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What is Sinhala PaniniKeypad IME for Android:
Developer: Luna Ergonomics
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"Write in your Mother tongue Sinhala/Helabasa on your phones/tablets."

PaniniKeypad is an IME (input method editor) for android phones. you can type in Sinhala(සිංහල)/Helabasa any where inside your phone very fast & conveniently. Follow the settings below to launch/ activate the IME.

Note: Sinhala Font must present in phone, otherwise shows SQUARE/BLANK boxes while typing. we are aware of very few android device with Sinhala font currently. But you can root and install font.

Panini Keypad allows one to type in Sinhala directly on the phone with single keypresses (instead of multitaps) very fast and very conveniently by predicting characters that you are most likely to write next. This is a new Predictive app based on linguistics and offers many advantages. PaniniKeypad also been developed for many other Indian languages. Try it!

Two rules
1. Look for the character, press it.
2. If character not there, press Next List button.

For Conjunction (half letters etc, consonant clusters) please put a Halant/Virama ( ් ) in the middle of the two consonants. The conjunct characters will automatically form. The Halant is also a character, predicted automatically like others and shown in red for your easy recognition.

ශ්‍රී = ශ + ් + ‍ර + ී
ලංකාව = ල+ ං +ක + ා + ව
කෝට්ටේ = ක + ෝ + ට + ් + ට + ේ
රඹුක්කන = ර + ඹ + ු + ක + ් + ක + න
කරපිංචා = ක + ර + ප + ි + ං + ච + ා
සාදික්ක = ස + ා + ද + ි + ක + ් + ක

Put dependent vowel after input the consonants, it will appear before.
As you start typing sinhala, letter will shows in preview bar & text area (shows squareboxes if font not present). one can select/ add word from dictionary.

How to launch/ activate:
1. After download install automatically on phone.
2. Go to "Setting"->"Locale & text"/ Language & input-> Select PaniniKeypad (check on).
3. Then select "Input method"/ Default keyboard as PaniniKeypad.
4. Back to text compose area, keypad will appear automatically.
5. Experience Panini soft keyboard for Sinhala typing.
One can easily toggle between Sinhala & English Qwerty keypad by pressing 'ABC' button.

Watch YouTube video:

Sinhala Panini keyboard is the best virtual keyboad for Sinhala typing on phone & tablets. which supports all unicode Sinhala characters & dependent vowels.

Due to an IME you can launch & type sms, messages, email, blogs, chat, lyrics, jokes, update staus on facebook, twitter, save contact book, wishes, greetings etc.

This versatile input mechanism provides a better usability with limited no. of character present on screen with rich dictionary support. Its users choice to take help from dictionary or use Panini predictive texting.

"Dedicated to Mother tongue and all Sri Lanka friends."

Download Sinhala PaniniKeypad IME free for your Android phone

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