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Summary: Skyrim nature live wallpaper. Not on full screen.

Updated: Jan 18, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: Softjuri
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Skyrim nature live wallpaper. Not on full screen.
INFO ABOUT VIRUS - Some people have stated in comments that this app is a virus. This is because they use an antivirus app that identifies apps containing ads as virus apps. However, do not worry as I do not like to spread malware. This app only contains ads that you can dismiss if you want. This app will add a few search access points on your device. If you do not want to use this new search page, you can either ignore it or delete it. 
If you do use it, we get a few cents and it will help us a lot to keep developing more apps. If you dont, you can delete it and no harm is done (our app remains the same, no need to uninstall it!). Thank you.

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