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Summary: Chats in many foreign languages now more easier with Smart Chat Translator!

Updated: Jul 2, 2018
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Requirements: Android 4.0
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Smart Chat Translator Free App Description:
Developer: Digi Op
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Smart chat translator is an interactive platform that can help you easily translate chats in multiple languages. Select origin language and choose a language that you want to translate.
How to use:
1. Click the Smart Chat Translator icon.
2. Select the language of origin and the foreign language you want to translate.
3. Enter the words or sentences to be translated.
4. Click the translate button.
5. Share translate results to your social media account or note.
The translate results can be directly sent to your medos account. Quite simple and easy is not it?
Languages supported:
1. English language
2. Indonesian language
3. German language
4. Spanish language
5. Arabic language
6. Korean
7. Japanese language
8. Chinese language
9. Sundanese language
10. Java language
11. Etc.
Now translating into foreign languages is so easy. Good luck, hopefully usefully.

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