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Summary: Game for learning animal sounds with custom lists and ringtones.

Updated: May 8, 2015
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Developer: DOMOsoft
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This educational game is developed for children of all ages to study different animals, pictures of animals and their voices. Due to interesting content and a simple interface  toddlers  will be able to learn the language of wild and domestic animals, songs of birds, the sounds of insects, while viewing photos and listening to the audio.
This collection consists of 80 representatives of the world fauna.
Catalogue looks like a collection, dubbed pictures in the form of flashcards, which will help baby to know how to talk various animals (screaming monkey and peacock, growling bear and lion, howling wolf, singing budgie and canary, meowing cat and lynx, buzzing bee and mosquito, squeaking mouse and cavy, whistling cricket, mooing cow and bison, cawing crow, barking dog and coyote, quacking duck, trumpeting elephant, splashing fish, grunting pig and hippo, croaking frog, bleating goat and sheep, cackling chicken and goose, puffing hedgehog, neighing horse, chirping magpie, crowing rooster, cooing pigeon, hissing snake, tweeting sparrow, knocking woodpecker) and  also remember their  noises  and images.
It is the cognitive, pedagogical game for babies nursery school, that helps to know the natural world, and it's fun for adults, which will help to lift their spirits.
You can easily turn your phone into a home zoo, and the tablet into a green planet, where will always be the place for the farm, savannah, forests, jungles, seas, oceans and their inhabitants.
The option Favorites allows parents to create customized lists of favorite pets for their kids.
Amusing and the best sound effects (FX) from the app in mp3 format can be set as a ringtone, alarm and reminder.
This application can be downloaded and installed for free.
Be joyful - listen, learn, and play with us!
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