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Updated: Dec 15, 2017
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What is Speed Dial Widget for Android:
Developer: Matrix Android
Support Email: publisher@matrixmob.com
All You Need to Know About the Speed Dial Widget
There are a lot of widgets have been designed and developed to make you smartphones ease the way of your life, and in the regards, the concept of speed dial has also added, thus serving as a speed dial app. Even there are many speed dial app for free which are available in Play Store. Then what makes the speed dial widget a one to choose? Let us go through some of the features that are offered by this widget app which makes it the one to be chosen by a lot. But, will it be a widget app you would like to use? Well, for that, go through the features and decide for yourself whether it suits your needs or not.
Features of the Speed Dial Widget App
Following are some of the best features which make the speed dial widget a good widget app to choose from:
 Adding contacts in this widget app makes it easier for you to reach when you are in a hurry
 Since it is a direct call widget, you get the option for direct WhatsApp call, click to call, click to message and many other features
 You can also select pictures of your contacts either to make it look good or to differentiate between two people having the same name (provided you have people like that)
 This serves as a speed dial contact since if you wish to arrange your contacts according to your own choice, then you can also do some by just holding on the icon of contacts. Then easily you can rearrange all the contacts according to your will and desire. This also serves this app as a speed dial widget for contact.
 Multiple select and delete option is also available. In this case, you dont have to waste time by deleting the unwanted contacts one by one. Select all of them together (the ones you want to delete) and then delete them together
 Since this is a speed dial widget for WhatsApp call too, you can also set your speed dial for WhatsApp call according to your wish.
These are more or less the attractive features of this widget app. Due to all these features, one can also name this app to be a social dialer app. In any way, this is a fantastic widget app for all those who are looking forward to enhancing speed dialing on their smartphone.

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