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Summary: The classic spin the bottle game which also simulates the roll of a dice and a coin toss

Updated: Jun 17, 2018
Category: money, coin, truth, dare, dice, dado, croce, testa, fortuna, palla, sfera, bottle, bottiglia, toss

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Spin The Bottle XL Free App Description:
Developer: Pentawire
Support Email: pentawire@gmail.com
Web Site: http://pentawire.altervista.org/
The classic spin the bottle game. Did not have a real bottle? Are you afraid to hurt you with a glass bottle? Good, you can use this and have fun with your friends.
The application also allows to change the background above which is spun the bottle, each background presents a different frictional force.
In addition to standard bottle spinning it is also possible to simulate the roll of a dice or a coin toss (heads or tails).
Have fun.
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