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Summary: The ideal music to enjoy Halloween!

Updated: Oct 17, 2017
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Spooky Halloween Radio Free App Description:
Developer: Anteos
Support Email: gerpanag83@gmail.com
Web Site: http://play.google.com
"Spooky Halloween Radio" is an innovative radio app which brings to your device popular online radio stations focusing on Halloween music!
We have collected the most popular stations from all around the world and we present you with a stylish, powerful and free app which lets you stream live music with a certain Halloween feeling, such as music from movies, horror flicks as well as Halloween music for kids.
All these stations play their actual live program, but without using conventional radio such as FM or AM. Instead, the device streams the music through internet access, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.
We have not only selected the top radio stations for Halloween music, but also their top quality streaming link. This means that you will always enjoy high audio quality, without static and noise. And you can do so from any part of the world, even if the station is abroad!
Have a great time this Halloween, enjoy your family and your friend and immerse yourself deeper with the appropriate music and the ideal app for it!
* Many stations for Halloween music
* Great for family gatherings and for kids
* Horrific, scary, spooky music
* High audio quality, but loads fast
* Suitable for any Android running 2.3 and above
* App2SD compatible, does not clutter your phone
* Amazing style!
Please let us know if you have comments and suggestions for this app by contacting us through our support e-mail. We really want to hear your opinion on our app!

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