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Summary: Pedometer app to counter your steps on the go.

Updated: Feb 23, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS 2.3 & Above
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What is Steps Counter Pedometer Calorie Counter for Android:
Developer: FreeApps
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Pedometer Steps Counter is a free steps counting and calories calculating application which is designed to calculate steps on the go. Whether you want to count the number of steps while running or walking, the Steps Calculator application offers both modes. In addition, it calculates and converts them into the calories burned during the walk or run.
How to Use:
- From Select Mode select the Pedometer for Running or Walking
- Now Press Start Pedometer (Note: In order to work this accurately, use or attach your smartphone with you where the gadget can sense your walking or running activity)
- Once done running, stop the pedometer and it will save your step counter record.
1 - Shows Calories, Number of Steps Recorded with Time
2 - Shows Multiple Records for the same date
3 - Running and Walking Mode
Install this Pedometer app and get your fitness running steps on record.

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