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Summary: Subhash Browser is an web browser + RSS feed reader + file browser app. The feed reader supports RSS/ATOM/RDF feeds. It can also handle podcast feeds. It uses only three app permissions. It does not display ads or have any annoying nags. The browser has a shaket-to-hide-or-show toolbar that provides easy access to powerful functionality such as take web page screenshots/snapshots, run user JavaScript scripts (bookmarklets), apply user stylesheets (CSS), view page source, detect RSS/ATOM feeds, disguise browser useragent (or set a custom user agent), disable JavaScript, and disable/show images. The app also has Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, and Urdu UI. The browser adds a download button to YouTube pages and users can download the videos to the device as MP4 files.

Updated: Jul 25, 2017
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Subhash Browser Free App Description:
Subhash browser combines a Web browser, an RSS feed reader and a read-only file explorer in one app. 
  Subhash Browser uses a dark theme to minimize battery usage and reduce eye strain.
The browser interface is extremely customizable - from minimal to no-chrome fullscreen. You can anytime hake the device to hide/display its toolbar. The function-packed toolbar removes all guesswork and delay. 
Web pages on a mobile can be very long. Four scroll buttons help you move swiftly up and down a web page. 
Easily capture screen and fullpage snaphots. There's even a 5-second delay option to get the toolbar away. 
Easily disable JavaScript with a press of a button. Badly configured widgets and ads can result in a poor browsing experience. 
Nasty websites surprise you with unsuitable images. Now, you can quickly and indiscriminately hide all images using a button. 
Disguise the browser - masquerade as a desktop browser (such as Internet Explorer) or a device such as Iphone or Ipad. 
Subhash Browser app works great with my Subhash TweetsToRSS app. TweetsToRSS is a personal Twitter web server that runs unobtrusively in the background. It can generate rich RSS feeds & lag-free clutter-free HTML search results. You can even tweets from a particular location specified by its geographical coordinates. 
The first browser with special support for web developers 
Unlike most (control-freak) apps, Subhash Browser will happily let you open the current web page in another installed browser. 
If you are a Web developer, you can extend browser functionality with your own User JS or User CSS (stylesheets) or have fun with built-in ones. (Read my article on for more information.) 
The feed reader - for reading content from all your favourite news sites, blogs, forums and other websites in one place. All good websites publish their updated content in an RSS or ATOM feed. 
Just find their feed link and add it to the feed reader. 
25 search engines  all customizable and replaceable. Make obsessively nosy search engines less evil! There are many alternatives, you know. 
A home-screen widget to preview your web feeds. 
Launch websites directly from the home screen using shortcuts! 
A dark theme to minimize battery usage and reduce eye strain.
Podcast MP3 audio and other file downloads can be paused and resumed in a separate download manager screen. 
Subhash Browser does all this with just three permissions! All it needs is Internet access, local storage access and install shortcuts! (You can rename the app to [INSERTYOURNAMEHERE] Browser and the app will install a shortcut on the home screen with the new name. It does not install shortcuts for other apps.) All options that reveal your tracks are disabled by default, despite the risk of the app appearing less useful than it is. Moreover, there are no ads, no nags, no annoyances, no spying, no logging, no error collection - absolutely no nonsense.
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