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Summary: Enjoy endless hours with randomly generated sudoku puzzles of different difficulties. Climb your way up the sudoku pyramid to become a sudoku champion.

Updated: Oct 17, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS 4.1 and up Screen resolution 480x320 and better
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What is Sudoku Games and Solver for Android:
Developer: RikkiGames Limited
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This app is based on the classic number puzzle game Sudoku. It contains puzzles which range from the easy beginner level to the more challenging master level. This logical and fun app contains the following Sudoku games and features:


  • - Sudoku Pyramids: Six sets of Sudoku puzzles.
  • - Daily Sudoku: A daily game at each level allowing rewards to be earned.
  • - Random Sudoku: A random game from millions of built in Sudoku puzzles.
  • - Custom Sudoku: Allows any Sudoku puzzle to be entered and played.
  • - Sudoku Solver: Solves a custom Sudoku puzzle.


  • - Millions of different Sudoku puzzles each with a unique reference.
  • - Five levels of difficulty of Sudoku puzzle.
  • - A timer to record the time taken to complete a puzzle.
  • - Achievements that can be completed to earn titles.
  • - Leaderboards to compare progress with other players.
  • - Portrait or landscape orientation for maximum comfort.
  • - Choice of different themes available for your pleasure.
  • - Different options to personalize the playing experience.

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