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Super Box 10 tools in 1 app

Download Super Box 10 tools in 1 app  for Android phone

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Summary: Super Box 10 tools in 1 app .

Updated: Feb 21, 2011
Found in: productivity, tools, memory, battery, uninstaller, cache cleaner, file manager, settings

Requirements: Android Phone
Downloads: 2655
What is Super Box 10 tools in 1 app :
Super Box 10 tools in 1 app .

1. Memory/Cpu Monitor
- Displays :
- Memory information.
- Cpu information.
- SD Card Storage Capacity.
- Phone Storage Capacity.
- Battery.
- Free Memory.

2. Battery
- Displays the remaining time for:
- TalkTime、AudioTime、VideoTime、Web Surfing Time and Idle Time.
- The health of the battery.
- The temperature of the battery.
- Widget support.

3. Installer/app installer
-The app scans your “SD Card”,and shows the apps in the list.
- Just click to install it.
- Long-time click to delete or send the app.

4. Uninstaller:
-Uninstall your apps quickly.

5. App2SD:
- List all apps that can be moved to SD Card.
- Help you to save your memory(internal phone storage).

6. Cache Cleaner
- List apps that have cache files.
- Show the total cache size.
- Click the item to clear cache files.

7. Task Killer
Task Killer allows you to quickly kill processes on your Android .
- Ignore list
- Show the memory and power
- Notification in the status bar
- one-click kill widget
- Kill service" button for froyo(2.2)
- uninstall your app
- Switch to any app
- Detail about your app

8. Settings
- Screen timeout
- Volume
- Screen brightness
- Ringer
- Wi-Fi/wifi
- Wi-Fi hotspot
- Bluetooth
- Auto-sync data
- GPS receiver
- Airplane mode
- 2G/3G toggle(mobile data)

9. File Manager
- Browse your SD Card.
- Shows the apps/music/videos/images.
- Install your apps.
- Auto_scan apps/music/videos/images.
- Open/Copy/Cut/Rename/Delete/Share your apps/music/videos/images.

10. App safeguard
Keep your phone secure.
- App Safeguard help you scan app's permissinos.
- Find apps that may cost your money(send SMS messages,directly call phone numbers,etc)
- Scan Automatically when a new application has been installed.
- Find apps that can access to your personal information(GPS location,read contact data...)
- Find apps that can access information about networks , modify SD card contents.

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Super Box 10 tools in 1 app . Super Box 10 tools in 1 app .

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