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Summary: Great news for all animal games lovers, especially for the lovers of dog games.

Updated: Oct 11, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS
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Talking Dog Bella Free App Description:
Developer: ActiveSoft
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 Meet talking Bella - your new virtual pet. If you like animals, if you think that dogs are people's best friends, then this free puppy game for Android is right for you. Bella is one cute virtual dog and she needs someone to take care of her. And if you want to have some virtual pet, then this talking dog is right for you. So, start a wonderful friendship with Bella and enjoy playing with her. Here is what you need to do. You must feed your virtual dog when you see that she is hungry. Then you must bathe your talking animal and take her to the bathroom. When you see that Bella is sleepy and tired you must take her to the bed and turn off the light. With this virtual pet you'll never be bored. This lady doesn't like to be lonely. So, play with her and see what she will do. Also, you can talk to your virtual pet and she will repeat everything that you said with her cute, funny voice. Wait no more, adopt cute virtual dog and have fun with one of the best talking games for Android. 
 Talking Dog Bella  app is a great combination of animal games and dress up games and this free app for Android is ideal for all the people who adore animals. Bella is a real lady and, since we know that ladies like to change the clothes all the time we make possible to you to buy her wonderful clothes. This virtual pet lives in a house and she likes to change furniture all the time. Make her happy and buy her some new furniture. You don't know where to find coins for all these things? Now we will tell you how to earn coins for clothes and furniture. We have prepared for you fantastic mini games like Tic Tac Toe, Circle, Clocks and more. Play mini games, earn coins and buy Bella new stuff. It's so simple. And all mini games are interesting and that addictive that you won't be able to stop playing. See now how much fun you will have with my Talking Dog Bella. So, if you like talking dog games, then hurry up and download this free app for Android! Fantastic virtual pet game is waiting for you.
If you are searching for the perfect game for kids than this free talking animal app for Android is the right thing for you. We have made  Talking Dog Bella  app for both boys and girls, and we are sure that it will become one of the most popular games for girls and, also, one of the most interesting games for boys. And not only kids, but also adults who like dogs, but who don't have the possibility to have the real one will enjoy in talking animal game and this virtual pet will become their best friend. A cool game for Android is ready. So don't wait any longer, download My Talking Dog Bella now and start playing with your new virtual pet! 
Features of Talking Dog Bella:
 play with Bella and see what she will do
 pet her and she will be happy
 feed Bella when you see that she is hungry
 bathe your talking dog
 take your virtual pet to the bathroom
 when you see that she is tired take her to the bed and turn off the light
 play mini games in order to earn coins
 talk to virtual dog and she will repeat everything you said
Start fantastic adventure with talking dog  your new virtual pet. She is waiting for you!
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