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Summary: Next Gen texting starts here

Updated: May 28, 2010
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Requirements: Android Phone
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What is textPlus for Android:
Developer: GOGII, Inc.
Evolving real time conversations - on whatever device you're using.

textPlus Features

Free, unlimited texts

textPlus is committed to providing free texting through our ad sponsored app. Texts are entirely free and thereís no limit to how many messages you can send or receive. (Use WiFi, 3G or Edge)

textPlus Address

Your textPlus address makes having a cell # unnecessary, even if your friends don't have textPlus! As long as they have a text plan they can text your textPlus address as a message to the number 60611. Or just go app to app.

Group text chats to any phone

We didnít get the memo that texting is only between 2 people. We also want you to be able to text your friends who donít have an iPhone. Unlike Blackberry Messenger or other apps, you can group chat with ANY phone, and everyone gets every message.


A community is a group of your friends, co-workers, or anyone you want to keep in the loop on a topic or subject.

Save time, money and make sure that everyone gets the message with this cool new feature!

Be the first to invite friends to your community.

Set up your communities and save them by name. Message the entire group with just one text. Everyone sees all the replies. Coordinate events or meetups with friends not using the app Ė they donít need to download a thing!


We've added Canadian carriers! You can now text your Canadian friends from textPlus, even if they don't have the app. They can text you back without international charges - just through their regular text plan. Of course, if they are on textPlus - both your texts are free! A textPlus address lets you send messages app to app anywhere in the world for free.

Want a bigger keyboard?

textPlus lets you type in landscape mode

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