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Updated: Nov 20, 2012
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Enjoy the pictures of your favorite holiday on your phone wallpaper! Choose the best image of Thanksgiving for your phone, make any changes in its design and you'll have your lovely background. Download these beautiful festive wallpapers immediately!
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Almost every culture in the world has held celebrations of thanks for a plentiful harvest. The holiday's history in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation. It also has aspects of a harvest festival, even though the harvest in New England occurs well before the late November. Each year, Americans celebrate this holiday on the fourth Thursday of November. Most families follow traditions begun on the first Thanksgiving, but many have their own traditions that they follow each year.
Traditional foods are a large part of Thanksgiving celebrations. Many families include the entire family in the food preparation. Traditional foods include turkey, sweet potatoes or cranberry sauce. Many people serve pie for dessert at the end of the meal. Popular pie flavors are pumpkin or apple.
Each year at Thanksgiving, the President of the United States receives a gift of a live turkey (along with an alternate in case something happens to the official turkey). At a White House ceremony, the president traditionally "pardons" the National Thanksgiving Turkey and the alternate turkeys, allowing them to live out the rest of their lives on a farm.
Many generous folks use the holiday as an opportunity to help the less fortunate. Some people volunteer to serve food at homeless shelters and others participate in canned food drives.
An interesting piece of information is that this holiday is often considered the site of the first cultural war because it contains both a narrative of the birth of freedom and democracy as well as an account of racism and mistreatment of Native Americans.
Enjoy watching different pictures inspired by this lovely family holiday!

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