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Summary: Healing music, ideal for meditation and reiki sessions!

Updated: May 3, 2018
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What is The Reiki Channel for Android:
Developer: Anteos
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Reiki is a Japanese technique which makes use of "universal energy" for healing, meditation and increase of self-awareness.
Meditation, yoga and reiki sessions are well known to be more effective when accompanied by relaxing music.
"The Reiki Channel" is the app which will aid and support you to remove stress and live a better life!
We have selected the most popular radio stations dealing with meditation, nature, ambient and healing music. All these stations provide relaxation music which will aid you in stress removal, increase your self esteem and provide body and soul connection -  all very important for  leading a happy life without having problems such as anxiety, lack of sleep and wariness due to modern life habits.
By downloading and installing "The Reiki Channel", you will always have access to more than 40 radio stations providing such music - even if you are on the road, commuting, meditating at home or at work. The stations are actually loading through their online stream, so you do not need FM or AM access.
This is not a conventional radio app, so you won't have static, bad signal, awful audio quality and other typical problems. This is crystal clear, high audio quality online radio, so as long as you have internet access of any kind (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G) you will get an amazing, relaxing music experience!
***Styles of music***
"The Reiki Channel" includes stations of various musical genres, as long as they have a relaxing and healing effect. You can expect stations that play mostly lounge, others that play nature's sounds, ambient audio, music ideal for sleeping, healing and meditation. With a huge amount of available radio stations, you will always find what you feel like listening to!
- Many radio stations for meditation and reiki music, more than 40!
- Loads music fast without delays and annoying stops
- Works with WiFi or 3G/4G, so you can enjoy music even while on the road
- Displays information on each track
- Includes backgrounds with a relaxing effect
- Compact size, powerful features
- FREE and easy to use
Let us know if you experience problems with stations by e-mailing us on our support e-mail. We would like to hear your feedback and make our apps better!

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