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Summary: Fans of jazz! This one is for you!

Updated: Dec 15, 2017
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Developer: Anteos
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Jazz music is an amazing musical genre with millions of fans all around the world. Our brand new radio app, "Top Jazz Radios" is devoted to all of you!
We have selected the world's most popular radio stations for jazz music but also other related genres. Quality jazz music will play live from these stations and stream to your device through its internet access.
This is a radio app but it does not use conventional FM radio - it streams music directly from the online stream link of the stations, thus offering really high audio quality, no static, no bad signal. You can even tune in to stations from abroad!
A free and compact application, "Top Jazz Radios" will become your first choice for good quality music while commuting, you are on the road, at the office or at home. As long as your device has access to internet, radio is there for you!
Take a look at the powerful features:
- Many radio stations for jazz music, more than 40!
- Loads music fast without delays and annoying stops
- Works with Wifi or 3G/4G, so you can enjoy music even while on the road
- Displays information about artist and song title (if applicable)
- Compact size, powerful features
- FREE and easy to use
Let us know if you experience problems with stations by e-mailing us on our support e-mail. We would like to hear your feedback and make our apps better!

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