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Summary: Metal and hard rock at the tip of your fingers!

Updated: Apr 3, 2018
Category: rock, metal, heavy, hard, bands, concerts, live, doom, thrash, epic, progressive, hair, super, black,

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Developer: Anteos
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Hard rock and heavy metal music have millions of fans all around the world. This application is devoted to all you metal and hard rock fans out there!
We have selected the most popular and long living radio stations in the world for the heavy musical genres and included them all in a compact and easy to use application.
With more than 30 stations playing rock, heavy metal, doom, thrash, etc. everyone will find their favorite style at once and will be able to tune in any of the stations, at any given time, through their Android device.
The stations included have high audio quality due to our advanced and sophisticated streaming implementation and load fast regardless of your internet connection speed or your device's hardware. In fact, any Android above 2.3 will be able to install our app!
*Current Features*
- Many radio stations for all kinds of metal and rock
- Fast loading without problems
- Not FM radio! The stations load through the internet
- Works with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G
- Displays the artist and song title
- Small size
- Stylish and free!
We hope you enjoy this radio app. we are always here for your feedback and comments, so do not hesitate to send us a line or two if you want changes, additions or any other criticism!

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