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Summary: The all-in-one app for access to Greek news.

Updated: Mar 1, 2018
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What is Top News From Greece for Android:
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"Top News From Greece" is the ideal application for those who want to stay informed about events in Greece, without having to load many different websites or web portals and without having to buy newspapers.
How does it work?
We have included many RSS feeds with Greek news. More than 20 online news sources, such as TV channels, newspapers sites, web portals have been included, providing reliable news and other information. If you had been surfing for news through those websites individually, you would have to struggle finding the important news between useless articles, pop-up ads and other clutter.
We offer instead fast information, that you can preview before you read. RSS feeds will give you a summary of the article, and you have the option to view the complete story or read another one. And, do not forget, you get news stories from many, many websites, not only one or two!
* Many RSS feeds, from various online sources
* Stylish, easy to use application interface
* Cross-check of news - you always get reliable information you can verify through more news sites.
* FREE, small, compact app.

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