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Summary: Fast, reliable and easy news surfing! All Philippines news are here!

Updated: Mar 1, 2018
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"Top News From Philippines" is the Android application which will cover up all your needs when it comes to staying informed about news and events in Philippines, no matter if you are abroad or at home.
RSS feeds allow fast loading of news through an easy layout which lets the viewer check the news summary first before committing to read the full story. This way, the reader only checks the news that are really interesting to them. Moreover, surfing the news from RSS feeds eliminates the biggest problems of web portals - the extreme amount of data needed to load the site, as well as the annoying clutter in the form of Flash ads, sponsored content, etc.
With RSS feeds you only read what you are interested into! Furthermore, there are more than 10 online sources of news so you can even cross-check the news for increased reliability and news accuracy.
* Fast news surfing
* Many online sources, such as GMA, Bulatlat, Rappler, etc.
* Easy to use application, suitable for small storage devices as well.
* Stylish application interface
* Comprehensive news information, such as breaking news, weather and typhoon advice, right when you need it.
* Free app!

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