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Summary: - A handy app which turn the flash light on the back of your phone into a torch. - If flash is not available it uses the phone screen to produce light.

Updated: Dec 19, 2013
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What is Torch Light for Android:
Developer: Andromatic
Support Email:
Web Site:
- New design, interface
- HD graphics
- Settings to customize the torch
- Move to SD card
- Works on tablets
- It's the BEST FREE Torch application in the Google play store.
- USP of this application is the simple, intuitive interface.
- All other useless features such as SOS or signalling are removed to provide user the best experience a torch application can provide.
- It uses the LED / XENON flash at the back of your phone and lets you use it as a torch.
- Very useful to find your way in dark places like movie theaters. Will come handy in places where there is problem of power cuts. You can even be used as study light in emergency. 
- Light weight on the phone memory. Do not waste the phone's precious resources such as- RAM, Processor power, internal memory, external memory
- HD graphics and background
Language Support: English, Arabic, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Swedish
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Permissions required:
-Camera control: to use flash
-Internet: to keep it updated
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