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Summary: Fun remake of the classic 2D scrolling action shooter game “Space Invaders”.

Updated: Apr 21, 2012
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Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: Aze
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Remake of the classic 2D scrolling action shooter game “Space Invaders”.

This concept comes back for free with science-fiction graphics inspired by the game “Mass Effect”, rock music by the Frozen Flouffy’s and an online ranking system with leaderboard.

The scenario, inspired by “Toy Story”, is very simple (come on, guys, it’s a shoot’em’up!) : You are a spaceship (a toy, not a real one) equipped with laser guns.

Mean alien toys are invading the Earth. Kill all the aliens to stop the invasion before they destroy the entire planet!


- Online ranking system
- Futuristic science-fiction graphics
- 5 Levels and 1 Boss

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