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Summary: Transfer Companion works with a PC app, Droid Transfer, allowing you to save and print Android SMS, keep Music on Android in sync with iTunes, transfer photos, contacts and other Android files to PC.

Updated: Feb 15, 2018
Category: sms, contacts, music, itunes, transfer, call logs

Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: Wide Angle Software
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Copy and manage content on your Android Phone to your Windows PC over your local network.
Transfer Companion works with PC Application "Droid Transfer". Using Transfer Companion and Droid Transfer together - you can copy and manage content on your Android device.
- Save your messages in PDF, HTML or Text formats. Droid Transfer also copies any photos and videos in your messages.
- Copy music to and from your device and your PC. View your music collection stored on your Android Phone and wirelessly stream it through your PC.
-Sync iTunes with your Android device. Perfect if your moving from an iPhone to an Android Phone and want to retain your mobile music library
- Wirelessly copy your photos from your Phone to your PC for safe keeping. View your photos full size on your PC, select and delete photos on your Phone quickly and easily. Its much faster managing your photos on your Phone with Droid Transfer.
- Lists your contacts on your Phone and lets you export them to Windows Contacts, Microsoft Outlook or as a standard VCF contacts file - which can be used in any contacts address book application you may use on your PC.
- Display the Call Logs on your Phone, listed by caller. Click on a caller and all the call activity made to and from that caller is shown.You can quickly save the Call Logs to your PC in a variety of file formats or print the logs directly to your PC connected printer.
- Quickly export calendars to your PC for importing in your PC calendar application
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