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Summary: Turbo Cleaner clear Cache and Junk files to Speed Up your Android Phone.

Updated: Dec 11, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS 4.1
Downloads: 82
Turbo Cleaner - Speed Booster Free App Description:
Developer: LightTools
Support Email: codebots0@gmail.com
Turbo Cleaner - RAM Booster is a FREE Junk Cleaner and RAM Booster to speed up your device. It clears cache files to free up storage and also cleans RAM which is occupied by unnecessary background Apps. Turbo Cleaner also offers a Powerful App manager which can be used to uninstall bloatware and to manage Startup Apps on your device.
               Features  of Turbo Cleaner   
 Junk Cleaner
Turbo Cleaner cleans up Junk Files to free up storage space on your device, with more free storage available on your device you can have more room for your media and other important documents and your phone will also run significantly faster.
 RAM Booster
Turbo Cleaner is also a excellent RAM Booster for your phone. It free RAM to make your phone faster by clearing memory occupied by unnecessary background running apps. You can exclude any app you want to keep in memory.
  App Manager
Turbo Cleaner is equipped with a powerful App Manager which allow you better control on your apps. You can uninstall any bloatware and unnecessary app effortlessly.   
  Disable Auto-start Apps [Root]
By using Turbo Cleaner you can stop the apps to start when device is booting. Disabling unnecessary apps will decrease boot time and make your phone faster and efficient. It will also helps to conserve the battery and improve device performance. 
 Light Weight 
Turbo Cleaner is light but powerful cleaner and booster for your android device. It comes in small size without using much permissions on your device.
Turbo Cleaner - RAM Booster  is 100% free cleaner and booster for your android smartphone. It will make your phone lag free. Try this app for free and make your phone running faster than ever.
Turbo Cleaner is suitable for phones like Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 LG G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 and many other smartphones.
Turbo Cleaner never uses any unnecessary permissions,  it gives maximum output by using minimum possible resources of your device.
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