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Summary: More than 30 radio stations from Turkey!

Updated: Jun 20, 2018
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Turkey Radio Online Free App Description:
Developer: Anteos
Support Email: gerpanag83@gmail.com
Web Site: http://play.google.com
We have collected the most popular stations from Turkey and added them in this application.
It is very easy to use - you just select the station you want to tune in to and tap on Play. Media information display will show at the bottom of the screen. You can identify all songs because the artist and the song title will display!
So many radio stations are included, so you can find anything you like - sports, Turkish music, foreign music, talk shows, etc
With this app you can tune to your favorite station without experiencing standard problems of conventional radio such as bad reception, static, low audio quality, etc.
The application size is compact despite the fact that the stations list is huge.
* Many radio stations from Turkey
* High audio quality
* Online radio, not conventional airwaves radio!
* Free to use
Let us know if you have comments or suggestions for more stations!
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