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Summary: Looking for easy ways to uninstall applications in the most convenient way and from every directory of your smart phone? "Uninstaller" is the perfect app to remove the application completely from your phone located at various directories. The app is very easy to use with one click uninstalla button. "Uninstaller" keeps your phone and all the directories clean and saves enough memory. Get rid of the unwanted application from all parts of your phone.

Updated: Sep 13, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is Uninstaller - app manager for Android:
Developer: i3lamiat
Web Site: http://i3lamiat.com
"Uninstaller" is the must app for every smartphone to best utilize your phone memory. The app keeps your phone memory clean and improves the overall performance. "Uninstaller" is 100% reliable and efficient app. Get the app and keep your smartphone always clean by uninstalling the application in the most effective way. Just search the application you want to uninstall and click uninstall to completely remove the application from your phone including the cache. The app uninstalls multiple apps in just one click from every part of your smart phone.
Download the app "Uninstaller" and keep your phone always clean. The app is lightweight app and improve your phone performance. Get the easy to access app and enjoy browsing your phone at the higher speed. The app is must to increase your phone performance and its durability. Uninstall the app in the most cleaner way with "Uninstaller".

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