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Summary: Download this app and become the boss.Get the Name, location and other details about any unknown caller who is bothering you. You'll also get the facility of GPS. Get 2 features in 1 app. Fresh in the market so hurry up.

Updated: May 16, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS 4.1 and up
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Uzmaapps Free App Description:
Are you getting calls and messages from an unknown numbers and you are fed up with this? No need to worry anymore get this Mobile Locator & Phone Tracker app.An amazing mobile GPS location tracker app with its GPS cellular senses it will track out caller name number and location. App act as a phone number locator get all the possible information include caller id cell phone number caller name number and location etc. display in front of your device. A perfect cell location tracker that track any mobile location and give you its current location as well with city id owner name etc. 
Mobile Locator & Phone Number Tracker is a GPS phone tracking app that will trace out any number. It is the best phone tracking app by which you can tracking phone without them knowing of anyone in your contact list. Save the number which you wanted to track in this phone number locator app and app will perform rest of the tracking operations to track the details across that number. Giving you alerts across tracking number to keep your eye on it.
On spot locator phone finder tool finder signal and responds all the information across any tracking number. 
Mobile Locator & Phone Number Tracker is a finder app a device finder. Find a cell phone if the phone is lost. Put details across that lost phone like its IMEI number model number sim details etc. With tracker cellular and mobile services entries app check out mobile number tracker on map get the last location of phone by IMEI number and gps tracker pro get details about last connectivity with the tower. App throw calling signals on that lost phone and get its current location.
Mobile Locator & Phone Number Tracker will discover out all unknown calls a perfect mob operator that discover mate and identify activator numbers and caller. Get this supper number identify track local and international calls and sms. Install this truly identified buck dialling tracking line duo sim tracker with facetime numbers tracker. An emo caller operator actual fixed during Freeport numbers.
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Mobile Locator & Phone Number Tracker is a mobile locator app to track phone number location a social tracker gps finder signal of any other number. Get know about the location of your family friends and your companion with this gps phone tracker. Enter their numbers save them as well and gps tracker pro will get the location of all of them and show them on map. You can monitor them from anywhere and get an alerts about their location.
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