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Summary: Video Hider, is a safe place to hide all the private photos from everyone’s eye!

Updated: Jul 2, 2018
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Developer: ATechnos
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Everyone has got some private videos which they dont anyone else to notice but they cant even delete them from the phones isnt? Well if you want to keep your privacy safe and away from all in your phone, then video hider is one right place for you to keep all your pictures safe behind the lock patterns.
Video hider is a private photo hide app that lets you hide and also unhide the videos of your gallery privately and securely in your phone behind pin, pattern or fingerprint. To the naked eye the app would look really simple but it will have secret vault built in. So you can get tension free and handover your phones to anyone anytime without worrying.
How does the app work?
Download video hider app from the play store, install it on your phones, and open it after installing. Initially, you have to set a password according to your preference.  Click on the import video folder, go to gallery, import the picture from that you want to hide. It will then be transferred to the folder you would create in the app. You can also unhide the picture whenever you want to.
	Its absolutely a free download app.
	Simple and a user-friendly app.
	Uses low memory
	You can protect the privacy by hiding the videos in this app.
	You can also unhide the videos anytime.
	This easily hides videos to the vault from your gallery.
	It will help to keep the snoopers away from private videos.
	Its safe,stable, free to use and secure user.

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