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Summary: same as VuDroid 1.4 but with Night reading color filter option (updated : based on revision 62 source)

Updated: Feb 7, 2012
Found in: pdf, djvu, night, color, invert, vudroid

Requirements: Tested on Android 2.3.3
Downloads: 624
What is VuDroidNight for Android:
Developer: Noob Kuhe
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Same as VuDroid 1.4 (reads most *.pdf and *.djvu files)

Updated 1.1 : based on Vudroid 1.4 revision 62 source code and better implementation of the colorfilter (seems faster), and completely shuts down on exit

Added option in Menu which applies a color filter while displaying the document (e.g. for night reading) :

Color filters :

- change the brightest colour (specify)
- change the darkest colour (specify)
- invert colors
does not change the document, just uses the class while displaying.

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