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Summary: Learn about all the weather and enjoy all the different activities for it.

Updated: Apr 20, 2017
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What is Weather Activities For Toddler for Android:
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The control of weather is now in your hands as now you can change the weather to any condition as per your wish. Experience all the beautiful weather as well as go through all the harsh weather in this weather educational game for kids. Choose any of the toddler character and help them with all their different activities and necessities throughout all the different weather. Adjust the weather to cold and make the kid wear the woolen clothes to keep him warm and use a tent and an umbrella while its raining and also wear a rain coat. Complete and enjoy all the different activities and become the master of weather.
Activities in the game:
1) Control all the weather perfectly as per your desire.
2) Help the kids in selecting the perfect for all the different weather.
3) Use the tent, umbrella and a rain coat while it is raining or a windy weather.
4) Make your own igloo to get protection from the heavily raining ice.
5) Have proper food on time and stay healthy throughout all the weather.
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