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Summary: wecan is a locating app with a great number of functions that allow users monitor the phone position of their children or other members of the family or employees

Updated: Sep 21, 2014
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wecan-phone locator beta Free App Description:
Wecan is a mobile phone positioning app.it is supported by GPS positioning technology.t can positioning vehicle and mobile phones location real-time.
below is the major function of the app:
Real-time positioning&:positioning vehicle and mobile phones location real-time
trajectory replay,you can check the trajectory of other people or other vehicle
below is the steps to use the app:
1.Download and install the app:you can search the key word wecan in the app market and download it.
2.Register and active the app:you can finish register though phone client-side.
Notes:new user will have 24 hours to use all the functions of the app free
3.You can experience wecan at once when you finish activation
4.Buddy positioning:first others should install wecan,then you should add him or her buddy,at last you can positioning him or her by wecam wherever or whenever
5.Trajectory function:select the buddy and then click trajectory button,Select the time u want to check,then you can check the trajectory of the buddy over the past time which you have selected

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