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Summary: This application allows you to access to WhatsApp without modify the "last seen" time message and the status.

Updated: Oct 7, 2013
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Requirements: 2.2
Downloads: 16345
What is WhatsApp last seen Hide for Android:
Developer: devankit
Support Email: ankitthedev@gmail.com
This application allows you to access to WhatsApp without modify the "last seen" time message and the status.
It is also Called Whatsapp Offline
Nobody will be able to see the last time you have connected, and however you will be able to use WhatsApp, writting messages, chats....
Use WhatsApp without letting anyone else know the last time you were online.
Use WhatsApp in offline mode, chat with friends without letting others know that you are online.
You can read and send messages in whatsapp but the messages get delivered when you exit whatsapp.
So send message minimize or exit the app, your message will be delivered.
The steps to achieve it are simple:
- You only have to access to WhatsApp through "WhatsApp Last Seen Hide-block" app.
- You will be able to write messages, open new chats...
- And...when you exit the app, connections will be restored!
How to use
1. Activate 'WhatsApp last seen hide-remover'
2. Start whatsapp
3. Read and send messages.
4. Messages get delivered when you
minimize or exit whatsapp and this app.
Chat in offline mode and hide last seen status. Enjoy :)
When you are in whatsapp, your network is disabled to block "last seen" notification. Once out of Whatsapp and my app, your network is restored to the previous state.
Block the Whatsapp "Last seen" message! You will be able to use Whatsapp at any time and anyone will know it!
Thanks to this application no one will be able to see the last time you have used Whatsapp. However... You will be able to see your friends "Last seen"!
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Don't forget that if you have any problem, you can contact me and I help you as soon as possible!
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