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Summary: Just whistle, and your Android will answer to you!

Updated: Mar 14, 2012
Category: entertaiment, finder, tracker, whistle, widget

Requirements: Android Phone
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Whistle Phone Locator Free App Description:
Developer: Bojan Kotnik
Whistle Phone Locator is Android widget (Home screen) application which helps you to locate your Android device lost, forgotten, or hidden somewhere in your room, on the desk behind the papers, in your briefcase, in the pocket of your coat etc. with just a simple whistle!
After installation long-press on some empty space of the Home screen of your device and select Whistle Phone Locator widget. Tap on widget to start the whistle detector! Once your whistle is detected, the Android device will respond to your whistling with audio notification signal (one of two different audio responses can be selected in preferences). Furthermore, the display of sleeping device is illuminated in order to easily locate your device in your bag for example. In preferences user can select (approve) also the usage of maximum volume for audio notification regardless of current Media Volume settings. However, the widget is designed to resume your current Media Volume when audio notification is not played.
User interacts with this application via widget. Just tap the widget and change the state from "paused" to "active" and vice-versa. The preferences can be set if you run the Whistle Phone Locator as regular Android application from the applications menu. The application uses sophisticated, but computationally optimised Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques to analyse captured audio signals from the environment and searches for distinct time-frequency patterns of typical human whistle.
The application has been designed and strongly optimised in order to reduce the battery drain as much as possible.

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Just whistle, and your Android will answer to you! Just whistle, and your Android will answer to you!

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