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Summary: Find Out Who Is Using Your WiFi. Easily.

Updated: Jan 30, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS
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Who Use My WiFi Free App Description:
Developer: SpeedNet
Support Email: support@speednethalvad.net
Web Site: http://www.speednethalvad.net
Ever wonder that and which devices is connected to my wifi, there are some routers that have this feature inbuilt but many have don't, so do not worry, using this application you can easily scan your wifi and see how many people or device connected to your network/router.
Many times you don't know why your internet speed is so slow. There might be one reason that someone is stealing your wifi network speed without your permission. Using this app, in seconds you know how many and which device is connected to your router with IP, MAC ID and vendor listing.
 Scans All Network Devices In Seconds
 Gives You IP And MAC ID of That Device
 One Screen Lite App To Reduce App Footprint
 Vendor Address Database To Find Which Vendor's Device is Connected
 One-Click Quick Re-scan
Using this app twice or thrice in a day will give you an answer of your one important question that who is on my wifi?.
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