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Summary: Weather application and weather/clock widgets. The applications shows the current conditions and up to 6 days of forecast. Tapping a weather icon gives a details screen. Following widgets are available: - 2x1 weather widget - 4x1 weather widget - 1x1 weather/clock widget - 4x1 weather/clock widget. Any location in the world can be added, including your current location. The full WMD-Weather and Clock version has more widgets and features.

Updated: Mar 11, 2011
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What is WMD-Weather Lite for Android:
Developer: WMD-Soft
Support Email: wmd.soft@gmail.com
Web Site: http://tinyurl.com/wmdsoft
Weather application and weather/clock widgets.

Main features:
- today's (current) conditions (temp and real feel)
- next 6 days forecast
- weather details for day and night conditions (by tapping a weather icon)
- home screen widgets:
-- 2x1 weather only widget (current conditions and next day forecast)
-- 4x1 weather only widget (current conditions and 4 days forecast)
-- 1x1 weather/clock widget (current conditions and clock)
-- 4x1 weather/clock widget (current conditions, next day forecast and clock)

- downloadable widget backgrounds, or no background for full transparancy
- downloadable weather icons (the app and each widget can have it's own icons set)
- widget preferences can be modified later (by tapping the hour digits in clock widgets, the forecast icon in the 2x1 weather widget and the location name in the 4x1 weather widget)
- add just about any location in the world (your current position - if known - is suggested
- add your current location ('My location') which changes to where you are
- app preferences to set the update period, temperature scale, ... (an active internet connection is required to apply the preference changes!)

The full version is available in the Android Market and offers additionally:
-- additional widgets (a.o. 4x2 weather/clock widgets with world clock features)
-- for clock widgets: modify the clock digits, show the next alarm time and define a custom launcher action when tapping the minutes digits
-- radar image, UV info and (US only) pollen info in the app

Please visit the WMD-Soft site for more information.

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