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Summary: Enjoy searching the words on our word search game

Updated: Apr 19, 2018
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Word Crush Search Free Free App Description:
Developer: Techyee SOlutions
Support Email: techyeesolutions@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.techyee.com
Introducing one of the most played games on android, Word Search. Get ready to play this free game in six different languages. You can select the difficulty by increasing the grid size & change the word search to you own language. Customize the color based on your preference or keep it random. Complete one word search game & the next grid challenge will be ready for you.
# Features of Word Search
	More than 100000+ words added to the game, more words will be added every update 
	Grid size can be changed to make the game more difficult.
	Multiple languages have been added & more will be introduced based on your input.
	Random words are generated so no two game plays will be the same.
	Choose the color of your selection or keep it random your choice.
	Enjoy this game for hours & share word search with your friends.
# How to Play Word Search
	Once the game starts just click the start button on right-bottom corner to start the game
	Based on you preference change the grid size from the setting button on center-bottom of the game 
	Thats it, just play the game & have fun.
If you like this game or have any suggestion about word search please send us your feedback 
Enjoy this game & we will keep updating it with more words to keep it interesting.
Thanks you for downloading word search

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