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Summary: The next fun words game is here, try out a new word game experience !

Updated: Apr 1, 2015
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Requirements: Android OS
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Words Game Letris Free App Description:
Developer: DLGames
Support Email: dlgames.content@gmail.com
This simple word game "Letris" its based on a simple idea that will keep you hooked, encouraging you to go on to the next level and beat your own record.
The game play is really easy to understand everyone will know how to play Letris. It's just like the game that we all played in our childhood but with an amazing feature instead of using the know forms of the familiar game you have to use letters and generate English words. Words like: car names and logos, animals, cities of the world, countries of the world, games, history figures, trademarks, anime characters and series, TV Shows, cartoon characters, usual words, etc. 
Have some fun with this addictive game for free and test your English skills.
Features included in this free game:
★ Explode the letter that you don't need;
★ Unlimited fun;
★ Over 100.000 words for you to create;
★ Learn English;
★ A really good puzzle game to test your knowledge;
★ New way to kill some time.
Play it daily and try to beat your previous high score, don't forget to stay connected with Google Leaderboards and compete with other players from all over the world.
FUN is at a simple download button away.
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